The Academy has a distinctive uniform and a firm code of practice. Students at The Discovery Academy are expected to wear appropriate uniform at all times.

Please click here to download a leaflet detailing prices of additional items, uniform supplier’s details and opening times

For examples of Academy compliant shoes please click here 


  • Navy blue Academy logo blazer
  • Navy blue Academy jumper
  • White shirt fastened to the neck
  • Mid-grey trousers (loose fitting only) or alternatively a specific mid-grey pleated skirt
  • Academy tie
  • Compulsory grey tights
  • Grey socks


  • Navy blue cultural dress (2 piece headdress/scarf and tunic) as an alternative option.


  • Discovery Academy indoor short sleeve polo top
  • Discovery Academy outdoor long sleeve rugby top
  • Black shorts
  • Black skort(optional)
  • Plain black tracksuit bottoms (optional)
  • Black knee length socks
  • Discovery hoody (optional)
  • Black athletic leggings
  • Shin pads
  • Gum shield
  • Trainers


Black shoes suitable for the workplace (suitability will be decided by the Academy; please note that trainers are unacceptable for any activity other than PE)
All students should have a school bag for their equipment and books.  This should include a pen, pencil and ruler.  All students will be issued with a planner.

No hair-styles which are considered unsuitable by the Principal may be worn at the Academy. Fashion haircuts such as steps, lines and shaved styles are not allowed. Under no circumstances must a student dye, colour, streak or highlight their hair with an unnatural colour. Nails should be pale and discreet. No jewellery should be worn except a wrist watch. One set of small stud earrings are allowed, other visible piercings are not allowed. Discreet make up is only allowed for KS4 students. Extreme piercings are not allowed. Although no outer wear is stipulated in the uniform requirements, parent/carers are asked to provide anoraks, overcoats, kagouls or similar waterproof clothing which can be worn outside over blazers in inclement weather. In order to maintain a high standard of appearance, no modification of the uniform is acceptable. For full details please click here to see the Student Dress Code’ Policy

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