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Why Reading is Important

In a world where almost everything we read is in a digital form, I am often asked by both students and parents why I believe it is important for parents to read with their children – even in secondary school.  We read something practically every hour of every day, whether it is our emails, our text messages, Facebook, instructions, recipes, ingredients, shopping lists, road signs etc… Yet I still hear comments from students along the lines of:

“Why should I bother?”
“I can already read!”
“I can’t read a book; my reading isn’t so good.”

Parents sometimes tell me:

“I don’t have time to read with my child!”
“They can read on their own, why do they need me?”
“I am not a confident reader myself.”

Let me share some of the benefits of reading with your child:

  • Your child will do better in school! Obviously, this is the benefit that teachers look forward to most of all, but as parents, we all want our children to succeed. It is proven that better readers know lots more vocabulary and so they do better in all subjects at school. They learn more quickly, are better at explaining things and are less likely to get into trouble and, let’s face it, we all know happy children excel a school! So if reading makes them do better, we are going to have happy, happy children.
  • Learning to read is like solving a jigsaw puzzle without a picture. Parents may struggle to read themselves and that is because, yes…it is hard! However, even if you struggle to read, you can help to be that missing picture for your child and read together. Pretend they are teaching you – and you will both benefit from quality time together whilst improving reading skills. If you find it really hard, ask us for help here at Discovery, we can help to point you in the direction of someone who can work with you.
  • The words you come across when reading can be challenging but these expose you to a wider, more ambitious vocabulary and helps to place them into the correct context. You will read sentences structured purposely to be effective and have an impact on you, the reader, and paragraphs will be used to take you smoothly on a journey through the story. All of this helps us to become both better readers and writers and will certainly help your child perform better in school, in exams and in life!

When all around us seems to be rush, rush, rush and we are living life at full speed, remember to take a few minutes each day, sit down with your child, open a book and lose yourselves in new worlds of magical, mysterious and mythical worlds of adventure!

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