The Discovery Academy is one of the most improved and fastest growing academy’s in the area, boasting a £21 million building world class facilities and belonging to a forward looking Trust who have a number of successful local schools. Our strength lies in our high expectations, positive relationships and support for all of our students, and recruitment of only the best staff. In addition, we work tirelessly to develop the whole child by giving them experiences and opportunities to grow positive beliefs and values that will create kind, successful adults in the years to come.

Our resilience curriculum has received much attention as a model of good practice, where students build resilience, try new activities and develop positive mind sets through a curriculum which includes lessons as learning a language, playing an instrument and circus skills.

Ofsted visited the Academy in January 2019 and judged the Academy as Good. Ofsted commented that the students have positive attitudes to learning and are keen to succeed in education and staff are a united and committed team. We ‘Expect Excellence’ in everything that they do, whether that be the taught academic curriculum; behavioural expectations or opportunities and experiences available to them. Through this students have the best chance of achieving high, displaying positive attitudes and beliefs and developing strong moral values that set them up for a successful life. With dedicated staff who can provide the necessary support and care, I believe all students can develop the skills to become successful.

Parents and community partners are so important to the Academy, and we encourage them to become part of the learning experience through various approaches and opportunities. Working together we have the opportunity and responsibility to give our young people the best start in life possible.

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At Discovery we aim to help students develop and grow into young adults who are ready and able to go out confidently into the world.

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Our students make informed option choices based on a pathway appropriate to their career aims.

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View our Senior Leadership team, We are proud of our staff and the hard work they put into the Education at The Discovery Academy

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