As winter sets in, we hope that normal Academy opening hours will not be disrupted by severe weather conditions. We understand that closure can inconvenience parents and carers in making alternative arrangements, and creates additional challenges for staff and students. It is the policy of the Academy to make every effort to remain open whenever possible, however the safety of all students, parents, and staff remains essential.

The decision to close the Academy, either before or during the Academy day, will be made by the Principal and Senior Leadership Team. The Academy will only be closed if one or more of the following conditions apply:

  • Insufficient staff (first aid trained and fully qualified) are able to travel in and keep the Academy running safely.
  • Conditions on site are considered too dangerous for the safety of the students, parents, and staff.
  • Conditions are considered to be, or are anticipated to later become, too hazardous to travel.

If the Academy is to close, a decision will be made by 6:45am and the following will apply:

  • The closure will be reported on Radio Stoke and Signal Radio as early as possible in the morning
  • A closure notice will be posted on the Academy website (by 7:15am)
  • Signs will be placed outside the Academy gates if possible

If there is a heavy snowfall during the Academy day, we will endeavour to keep the students in the Academy until the end of the day and ask parent/carers to check the Academy website or radio stations, to find out if the Academy will be open the following day.

The Academy will make all practicable efforts to keep parents informed as to opening during adverse weather conditions as early as possible, as we appreciate that such conditions and uncertainty places considerable difficulties upon parents. However parents are expected to check the website and/or make themselves aware of the radio broadcasts when it is clear that closure is a possibility.

In event of snow, main pathways will be cleared and gritted. Parents, students and visitors should be aware that pathways, even when cleared, do remain dangerous. Break and lunchtimes may be changed due to adverse weather conditions.

We will try to ensure that the Academy stays open but the safety of the students and those who accompany them to the Academy and that of the staff has to be the priority.

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