The Discovery Academy provides its own in-house hospitality service for students, teachers, parents and visitors. Our Hospitality Manager, Martin Kerrigan, and his team produce a well-balanced menu choice each day. This consists of five alternative food counters, ensuring our customers are provided with the best variety and choice. We also operate a breakfast club service and a mid-morning break service.

The Discovery Academy endeavors to meet the needs of all our customers. We produce Halal food daily, and if we receive a request for a special diet we will seek advice from local dieticians.

As an Academy we are passionate about meeting our students’ future health needs, this is why the menus we produce are in line with current legislation and allergy information.  We have been awarded the “Eat Well to be Well Award” that is designed to help people easily identify businesses offering healthy food the award is the sign of healthier food!

The Environmental Health Officer inspected on February 2020 we were awarded a Hygiene rating of 5 which is the highest.

We are very proud of the service we provide and always seek to involve our customers in decisions which will improve the service. This is achieved through Academy Council meetings, as well as asking students to complete an annual survey, the results of which will be published on our website.

Academy meal take up is monitored throughout each year, and the Academy consistently produces higher numbers than both national and regional averages.

We produce mainly fresh dishes complimented by a small choice of bought in products.

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Traditional Counter – Our daily Meal Deal comprises of a choice of three main courses including a vegetarian option plus: a choice of two vegetables with potatoes; a dessert; fresh fruit or yoghurt and a drink.
Pasta Bar – A choice of two meat and a vegetarian sauce with pasta. Our most popular is chicken tikka which is suitable for customers who request Halal. Plain pasta or pasta with cheese is also available.  We also serve jacket potato with a choice of fillings.
Pizza and Panini bar – We produce vegetarian and meat Panini daily as well as vegetarian pizza.  There is also a variety of meat toppings
Theos Street Food – A choice of three different flavours of marinated chicken including: Tikka, Tandoori, Barbecue and Chinese, all of which are suitable for Halal. These come served in a tortilla wrap with fresh salad and a choice of sauce.
Salad Bar – Here we serve jacket potatoes and freshly prepared salads. Customers can choose from our wide choice to suit their own taste.

We also provide freshly prepared sandwiches and baguettes, homemade cakes, fresh fruit, yoghurts and drinks.
The Discovery Academy operates a Biometric Cashless System which has a number of tools that are very useful, both to the customer and the Academy. Parent Mail has now been introduced. Parents can check balances and top up pupil accounts from the app. Parents can also monitor what their child is eating. This will ensure customer confidentiality and make meal times more enjoyable.  We are hoping to fade these machines out and become 90% cashless. The 10% is for occasions when we have np choice but to accept cash payment.

This system can provide a record of the dietary intake of each student if requested by parents. It also provides the Academy with important information, such as the take up of school meals and trading information. The system also promotes healthy eating, this is achieved by customers being awarded healthy eating points with every purchase. At the end of term points are counted and prizes are given out to the top ten customers.

This information will be regularly updated so please keep checking.

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