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You have said that you like the variety in the learning. I asked specifically what you meant by this and you said you liked the different tasks, the links with current up to date Health and Social Care issues within the news and media. You also said that you liked the reminder during the assessment block of the amount of time you have left for the BTEC assessment as this helps to keep you on track.

A-Levels/Higher Qualifications you can study after this GCSE/BTEC

Successful completion of the course can lead to various degree courses at university ranging from Nursing and Social work to criminology, sociology, psychology, occupational therapy, probation or counselling services, housing, youth and community work, early years and education studies. Alternatively, you can enter employment or apprenticeships in the health or care sector.

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Revision Material


This provides excellent support for understanding the Unit 1 life stages, how they link to other areas of human development, and how this links into your Unit 3 synoptic exam further down the line.

Get Revising

This website provides excellent support for Unit 2 care values, giving example tests and practice questions for the Unit 3 synoptic exam.

BBC Bitesize

Although this is linked to GCSE, the content revision is still the same and will support with both Assignment 2.1 and Assignment 2.2.

Your Next Assessment

Upcoming Assessment:

Your practical work is assessed each lesson.

Coursework will be assessed each half term

Date of Assessment:

At suitable points within projects, your teacher will identify your strengths, areas for development and next steps to improve.


Revision Material:

Using the revision materials in class supplied as part of the teaching block.

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