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“Like learning new things, good teacher and good range of activities”

You have said that you like problem solving, and engaging lessons, so we are looking at doing more of this in Maths.

You have said you would likemore time to improve on your corrections, and to act on Next Steps, so this is something we will have a big focus on next year.

A-Levels/Higher Qualifications you can study after this GCSE/BTEC

What further courses can be studied in Mathematics?

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What kinds of careers have a heavy emphasis on Mathematics?
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At Discovery we aim to help students develop and grow into young adults who are ready and able to go out confidently into the world.

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Our students make informed option choices based on a pathway appropriate to their career aims.

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View our Senior Leadership team, We are proud of our staff and the hard work they put into the Education at The Discovery Academy

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