Student Road map to June 22

Course work Guidance

Unit 1: Unlocking creativity (internally assessed)

Learners will be asked to come up with a performance idea based on guidance from a range of practitioner DVDs. Learners will understand, plan and deliver the activities required to put on a successful performance including business planning and pitching. Learners will produce a portfolio of research, planning and ideas to enable them to put on a performance. They will then go on to to pitch this idea as a group to camera. A short extract of the performance idea will also be presented.

Unit 2: The production/performance (internally assessed)
Learners will work towards producing a performance to an audience based on a list of five briefs.
Learners will choose one discipline from either a list of performance roles including acting, dancing, singing, instrumental musician, musical theatre, variety performance, pantomime, physical theatre and circus skills or a list of production roles including costume, set design, properties, make-up, lighting, sound, stage, original writing, directing, choreography, PR and film production.

Unit 3: The performing arts experience (externally assessed)
Learners will draw on knowledge and understanding from units 1 and 2 and also from:
• roles and responsibilities within the performing arts industry
• the role of performing arts in society
• approaches to rehearsal
• working as a deviser/performer/director
• marketing and public relations
• health and safety

Past Papers

Student Voice

“It’s interesting because of the varied number of things we learn.”

Apprenticeships Related to this GCSE/BTEC

There is a range of apprenticeships that link to an interest in performing arts, including: recording engineer; community arts administrator; music publishing assistant; theatre technician; exercise instructor; playworker; radio broadcast assistant.

A-Levels/Higher Qualifications you can study after this GCSE/BTEC

Music, Performing Arts, Drama, Theatre Studies, Dance, Production Arts, Film Studies, Media

Studies, Choreography, Digital Theatre, Contemporary Arts, Musical Theatre, Theatre Production,

Make-up Artist, Sound Engineering, Lighting Design

Useful Information
Roles and responsibilities in theatres; information on specific theatres within the UK.
Regularly updated with links to current productions and educational resources.
Useful for examples of their work/involvement with local and national ventures.
Wide range of educational resources with links to present/past productions. Very useful for production roles with behind the scenes videos and resources.
Regularly updated with links to current productions and educational resources.
Regularly updated with links to current productions and behind the scenes access.
Roles and responsibilities in theatres; detailed information on the purpose and history of the theatre.
Information on budgeting/pitches/business

Revision Material

This link takes students to the AQA Tech Award Performing Arts home page where they can find a range of resources.

This link takes students to a subject vocabulary page which will help them when they are evaluating performances seen and completing coursework

This link allows students to see a range of resources that will allow them to gain a better understanding of the Performing Arts

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